Quality inspections

Even though we use only carefully selected ingredients, the best way to ensure optimum quality is a tight network of checks.

Up to 260 checks

The content of each jar undergoes up to 260 quality checks from soil analyses, to raw material analyses and checks of the finished product. As soon as the raw materials are delivered, they are examined by our employees and only perfect ingredients are approved for processing.


The HiPP laboratory – role model for Europe

State-of-the-art analytical methods are used for the quality assurance of raw materials, ingredients and products. The company's own accredited laboratory is one of the best in Europe and able to analyse more than 1,200 parameters. By virtue of all of these measures, HiPP is able to ensure the unrivalled quality of its products. Strict quality checks and seamless traceability of all the ingredients we process are indispensable elements of HiPP's quality philosophy.