Formula milk “to go” – our tips for bottle-feeding when you and baby are out and about

Your first walk together, a GP appointment or visiting the grandparents – you and your baby won’t always be at home where you can prepare a bottle in peace and quiet.

When time is of the essence, remember these tried-and-tested shortcuts: 

1. Boil the water at home and let it cool slightly
2. Once the water has cooled down to approx. 50°C, pour it into a clean thermos flask
3. Measure the required amount of formula at home and take it with you in an appropriate container (such as the HiPP formula dispenser)
4. Pack up everything
5. When your baby gets hungry, mix the powder and the water in the bottle, put the teat on top, shake it and feed. 

Are you familiar with our ready-to-feed liquid formulas such as HiPP Pre Bio Combiotic in a handy carton? The formula is ready to use, without you having to add anything. We do recommend preparing the formula as indicated on the respective pack – that is, the ready-to-feed liquid formula in the carton should be heated up slightly (to approx. 40°C) to ensure optimum distribution of ingredients. However, if this is not possible because you are feeding baby on the go, it is perfectly ok to use the ready-to-feed liquid formula at room temperature. Just don’t forget to shake the carton vigorously before opening and to also shake the bottle before giving it to baby. 

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