Practical guide

Parents of newborn babies are bound to have a lot of questions during those first few months. HiPP would like to help you through this period with answers and advice on bottle-feeding. 

Making up a bottle feed

Our video is the perfect step-by-step guide on how to prepare a bottle feed for your baby. 

Preparing feeds on the go

Our section on “Preparing feeds on the go” tells you how to make up a bottle on days when you and baby are out and about.

Baby’s dummy

For many babies, the dummy is a faithful companion during their early years. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of using a dummy and how to help your child break the habit later on. 

Baby’s body language

Big, round eyes, fingers that are being sucked, squealing, kicking… What is your little bundle of joy trying to tell you through his or her body language?

Baby’s smile

Is there anything more wonderful than a baby’s smile? Learn more about how a baby’s smile will change during the first months of their life and why adults just can’t resist it! 

Cuddle time

Why is physical contact so vital for baby’s development? Find out more on all things cuddle-related.