Milk Formulae

When should I change from one feeding stage to the next? From what age can my child drink cow’s milk?

Changing to a different formula or food is possible – but not a necessity. Your child is provided with all important nutrients by the complete range of HiPP Milk Formulae – of course combined with pap at the appropriate age when receiving weaning food. It is just crucial that your child is happy and full with the chosen formula. Changing to a different milk formula will not present a problem, however. Provided, of course that the age and feeding recommendations are adhered to. 

The change should take place bottle by bottle – just increase the number of bottles that contain the new formula daily. This way, your baby’s digestion can get used to the new formula and you may see if your baby tolerates the new formula. You should not mix two different formulae in one bottle, though.

During the first year of life, cow’s milk should only be given in small amounts as an ingredient of a meal, but not as a pure beverage from a bottle.

When your child is older, experts recommend growing-up milk for breakfast, on muesli or as a drink consumed from a cup. It provides your child with important vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy growth. It has a reduced protein content that is child-appropriate.

When should I change from HA formula to normal infant milk?

A consistent low-allergy diet in the first half year is decisive for the prevention of allergies.

Babies at risk of allergies should only be fed breast milk or hypoallergenic infant formula (HA formula) in the first six months

Please take note that these measures for allergy prevention lose effect as soon as normal infant milk formulae or non-hydrolysed special formulae, e.g. AR formulae or healing food, are given. Whether and how strictly a low-allergy diet should be followed from the 2nd half of the first year should be decided – with your doctor preferably – on an individual basis.

You can expand your baby’s diet accordingly with HiPP’s low-allergen products.

How long can milk formulae be given?

HiPP’s infant formulae such as PRE and HiPP 1 are ideal for an infant’s diet from 0 – 6 months old, while follow-on formulae such as HiPP 2 and 3 are just right for the second half of the first year.

Follow-on milks contain more iron than infant formulae to ensure a sufficient iron supply in the second half of the first year. There is no definite point in time when to stop giving infant formulae. Infant and follow-on formulae may be given for as long as the child requires.

Infant milks are complete meals that are to be exchanged for a balanced diet step by step after the 4th month.

When your child is older than a year, they should drink milk as part of a meal. HiPP Growing-up Milk for 12+ months is perfectly suitable. It is adapted to the special dietary needs of toddlers and is best served as part of a meal instead of cow’s milk: e.g. with a sandwich or in muesli or just as a drink consumed from a cup for in between meals. Please remember that latest at the beginning of the second year, milk and other liquids should be drunk from a cup. This way your child is encouraged to learn new skills, constant sucking will be avoided and their teeth are protected against tooth decay.

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