Organically farmed vegetables

Our organic vegetables are cultivated naturally

Organic vegetables for HiPP are cultivated completely naturally, without the use of chemical or synthetic pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. Our contract farmers keep the health of their crop and soil in excellent condition with green manure and an intelligent crop rotation system, while birds and beneficial insects are in charge of pest control. We create suitable habitats for these little helpers to help them settle on HiPP fields and meadows: we plant hedges, sow rows with flowers along the edges of the fields and we set up nesting boxes. All these measures are taken to protect the sensitive ecological balance.

We may harvest smaller quantities but, by employing natural methods, we protect the climate, the groundwater and improve the quality of our ingredients. HiPP spinach, for example, is very low in nitrates, a benefit of special relevance for baby food.