Outdoors with the HiPPiS

For most children, playing outdoors in the fresh air is the best activity. Whether sun, rain or snow, with the right clothes, the little ones are in their element outdoors. But what else can you play outdoors apart from “catch me if you can” or “gathering leaves”?

The HiPPiS introduce their favourite games:

Matt Monkey loves to play in high trees.

Discover his favourite games in the forest here.

Mike Meercat loves sand.

Here are his favourite games for the sandpit. 

Katie Kangaroo loves to jump around colourful meadows.

Find her ideas for games in the grass here.

Robin Racoon and Dorothy Duck love splashing in water.

Here are their favourite games to have fun with water in the garden.

Cathy Chameleon loves bright colours.

Here is her favourite game with bright colours.