7 facts about healthy development and strong bones for toddlers


By their third birthday ...

... your child will probably be double the size they were at birth and their motor skills and mental abilities will have developed at an equally staggering pace.


„... for healthy bones, most importantly“

Some nutrients are particularly important for ensuring your child develops as they should. Growing children and teenagers need to build up lots of bone matter for strong bones.


Making regular deposits into your "bone account” during childhood...

... will still pay off when you are an adult - you will be able to draw from it all your life.


Calcium and vitamin D ...

... are especially important for developing strong bones. Calcium is an important building block for bones. Vitamin D is essential for normal development of bones and teeth and for boosting the immune system.


„You need 7 times more than me ...“

Getting enough calcium and vitamin D is crucial for toddlers, and the average amount they need is considerably higher than in adults: Children need 7 times more vitamin D and 3 times more calcium!


„ ... to make you big and strong, ...“

Your child’s immune system needs to protect them as they explore the world around them and come into contact with their surroundings. A child’s immune system is not fully developed until the third year of life.


„ ... you see.“

In addition to vitamin D, an age-appropriate diet for a child will also contain vitamins A and C, which help to support the immune system.