Metafolin® - a folate source that is inspired by breast milk

You probably know folic acid from when you were pregnant given that this B vitamin plays a vital role in your child’s development throughout the entire pregnancy.
However, it’s not just important during pregnancy, but after birth as well. The body needs folic acid for key developmental steps, especially cell division and growth, and is therefore an essential building block for your baby’s healthy growth.

Folic acid, folate and Metafolin®: How are they related?

Folic acid is the synthetic, industrially produced version of the vitamin folate, which occurs naturally in plant and animal foods and also in breast milk. Natural folate can be absorbed and used by the body immediately – folic acid, on the other hand, must first be converted/metabolised into folate.

Did you know …?

The term folic acid/folate is derived from the Latin “folium” (leaf). This B vitamin was first obtained from spinach leaves.


What distinguishes Metafolin® from conventional folic acid?

Metafolin® is a calcium salt of the naturally occurring folate in the body, and therefore the next step forward in development from conventional folic acid, which is used to this day in standard formulae.
Metafolin® is a natural premium form of folate and a component of the natural folate found in breast milk. This means that Metafolin®-components are also found in breast milk.

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Metafolin® can directly be used by every baby’s body

Similar to folate in breast milk, Metafolin® is immediately available to the body – it’s “ready-to-use”.
The metabolisation of folic acid, on the other hand, is much more complex as it must first be “activated” by the body before it is available – unlike folate or Metafolin®, which can be processed directly by a baby’s body.


The natural folate source Metafolin® guarantees easy absorption and use of important folate for everyone. For more information, please refer to our HiPP Milk Lexicon or visit

* Metafolin® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.